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আপনি কি ইন্ডিয়া যেতে ইচ্ছুক??
আমরা অল্প সময়ের মধ্যে নিশ্চিত ভিসা পাওয়ার সেবা দিয়ে থাকি। আমরা ৬/১২মাসের বা ২/৩ বছর টুরিস্ট /ব্যবসায়/ মেডিকেল ভিসার কাজ করে থাকি।

নিচে বিস্তারিত বিবরণ দেব হলো :

1. Business Visa - 10000 tk

Remarks- Issued to applicants desirous to visit India on business (commercial/economic/trade)purposes
Documents required In addition to general documents, the application should be supported by: (i) Name, address and contact numbers of applicant's business establishment in Bangladesh; (ii) a letter from the sponsoring organisation/company from India; (iii) letter of recommendation from a recognized Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh; (iv) a copy of the Letter of Credit pertaining either to the last business transaction or the impending business transaction with an Indian company; (v) a copy of Trade Licence

2. Short Term Journey Visa- (9000 tk)

Remarks : Normally issued for a period of stay in India up to 90 days for the purpose of tourism/ meeting relatives/ pilgrimage etc. The entry to India under this type of visa will be one month from date of issue of visa

Documents required : General documents

3.Long Term Journey Visa (15000 tk)

Remarks : Issued to persons whose children are studying in India and dependents of persons employed in India or any other categories of persons requiring long term stay in India.
Documents required : General documents along with supporting documents (e.g., letter from school, letter from employer in India, etc)

6. Medical Visa-(9000 tk)

Remarks : Persons visiting India to get medical treatment.
Documents required : General documents and (i) Medical certificate, in original, from recognized hospitals/ doctors indicating in detail the medical condition of the patient; (ii) Recommendation from the attending doctor for availing treatment abroad in case of first visit; (iii) recommendation from the attending doctor in India in case of continued treatment in India; (iv) In case of hospitalization or long term treatment, proof of financial resources, as indicated below, may be sought: (a) Bank statements for last 6 months. (b) Solvency certificate from Bank.

7. Student Visa-(minimum 200000)

Remarks : Prospective students
Documents required : General documents plus (i) evidence of admission to the Institute/Course in a recognized University / Board in India; (ii) Guarantee from parents/guardian, through the authorized Bank to the effect that the applicant has enough financial resources to support studies in India and that bank will remit the required foreign exchange on behalf of the parent/guardian; (iii) Photocopies of relevant academic certificates on the basis of which admission is sought or has been obtained

8. Research Visa-(8500 tk)

Remarks : The applicant should submit visa application along with full particulars of field of Research at least one week before his travel to India to take up the work.
Documents required : General documents plus invitation, etc from the institute

9. Conference Visa- (8600 tk)

Remarks : Individuals invited to attend events/seminars/conferences in India.
Documents required : General documents plus (i) a letter of invitation from the organizer of the conference in India; and (ii) A letter from the employer in Bangladesh.



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